What is a Limited Edition?
Limited Edition means that there will only ever be a pre-determined number of prints produced of each photograph. Once the edition sells out, there will never be another reprint of that photograph. Deborah’s editions are five in each size and each print type.
Will you ever re-publish a Limited Edition artwork? Absolutely not. Each edition is produced in limited numbers never to be reproduced. Can I order a custom-sized Limited Edition artwork? Custom sizes are available for all of our print editions.
Can I frame my artwork? Yes you can. We have been making custom frames for many years and can help slect the best option for your image in your home. Do you sell unframed artwork? We recommend that all images be mounted by experienced professionals. Always handle your photograph with the white cotton gloves that are provided. Please know that if your fine art print is damaged from handling or during the mounting process, Deborah Kalas is not liable for the damage or replacement costs. Be sure to use a reputable and insured frame shop to mount or frame your photograph. Can I use the images found on your website? All images contained within this website are the copyright of Deborah Kalas. All images and content are the property of Deborah Kalas. Images may not be in any way reproduced, copied, printed or scanned. All images must not be used without expressed prior permission via written consent from Deborah Kalas Fine Art. What type of payments do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Affirm, PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay.