Looking for magic…..

I heard there was snow in the mountains. I wasn’t sure where but I got in my car and headed in the general direction north. I began to see the mountain ranges covered in snow and got off the highway. I followed the roads towards the mountains. I didn’t know where I was. I had never been on these roads before. As I got closer, I saw a mountain face that spoke to me. It’s shape and the amount of snow made it seem special. That was the mountain I really wanted to get close to. I wound round and round, up and down. It felt right. The road got more gravelly, more pot holes, mud, puddles of water, what was I going to find round the next corner. I climbed a hill face and as I came to the top, there it was, the mountain face I wanted to see. I got out of the car, grabbed my tripod and camera and began to compose. Just then, the sun peaked between the clouds and lighted the landscape in such a way, it became alive. I made my exposure in 1/60 th of a second. And like that, the beam of light moved on. That had been the moment. I was breathless with excitement. Savoring the magic of the moment my heart filled with joy and inspiration.

Photographing for me is a series of questions and adventures. Starting out with the unknown, being driven forward by compelling excitement of the possibilities of finding the magical moments in nature that bring so much joy to my heart and sharing what I have witnessed with others. Magic happens a lot in my life. Most all of my photographs are made within the moments of heart palpitations, rapid breathing and still remaining calm to use my craft with precision and accuracy. From the words of one my favorite photographer’s Henri-Cartier Bresson, “You just have to live and life will give you pictures.”

Eyes wide open for the next adventure….